Calgary Farmers MarketSilver Sage Beef - Prairie Beef. Naturally.

The Calgary Farmer’s Market is a perfect match for Silver Sage Beef. We agree with the whole concept of the market – to provide wholesome food direct from the farm to health-conscious consumers. We like the community of vendors at the Market – simple, hard-working, environmentally-conscious,  fun-loving folk.


Silver Sage Beef shop

We’re a full service beef shop, featuring a full array of fresh and frozen beef cuts.

At Silver Sage Beef, you can purchase fresh beef from the service counter and have it wrapped in traditional butcher paper, or you can buy pre-wrapped fresh or frozen beef.

It’s all available here. Steaks and roasts of every cut imaginable. Ribs for barbecuing. Ground beef for burgers and favourite family recipes. Plus the Silver Sage Beef shop offers specialty items, such as spiced burgers, several varieties of fresh sausage, kebabs, fajitas, rouladen, chili and meat balls.

Of course, bulk freezer packs are available, and special order items can be provided on request.

Silver Sage Burger bar

‘Pasture to Plate’ says it all – the beef in our burgers is all Silver Sage Beef and we hand form, season and grill the burger that ends up on your plate. The quality of the beef and the care we take to prepare your burger results in outstanding flavour and juiciness. That’s our idea of an authentic western cowboy burger.

We also serve a variety of home-style items including BBQ Beef on a bun, ranch-style chili, crispy home-style fries, and much more.

They’re all Silver Sage. And they’re all the best the west has to offer.