Calgary Farmers MarketSilver Sage Beef - Prairie Beef. Naturally.

Helpful hints to get the best from our beef.

At the Silver Sage Beef Shop, you can purchase fresh beef from the service counter and have it wrapped in traditional butcher paper. Or you can buy pre-wrapped fresh or frozen beef.

Safe storage

To keep Silver Sage Natural Beef fresh at home – and if you’re planning on cooking it within four days – leave the meat in its original wrapping and put it in the refrigerator immediately. To keep it fresh beyond four days, store it in the freezer. And to prevent ‘freezer burn’, lock out any air or moisture by adding an additional layer of freezer wrapping paper over the original wrapping.

Smart, simple defrosting

Silver Sage Natural Beef can be defrosted in your refrigerator or microwave. However, to prevent any possibility of bacterial growth, do NOT defrost at room temperature.

Tips for preparation

Grilled, broiled or roasted, Silver Sage Natural Beef delivers a very tender and flavourful beef experience. Just follow the preparation guidelines, recipes, helpful tips and cooking timelines in the Beef Information Centre website - - to help create the perfect beef dish every time.