Calgary Farmers MarketSilver Sage Beef - Prairie Beef. Naturally.

Authentically Western.

Silver Sage cattle are raised on the Zentner family’s 100-year-old ranch, now run by Lorne and Sandi Zentner. More than 10,000 acres of sun-washed, gently rolling prairie land. Located just south of the Cypress Hills, with the Sweet Grass Hills to the west and the Bear Paw Mountains on the southern horizon.

The ranch is mostly native grass land, with some tame grass and some cultivated acreage for growing feed. The air and water are exceptionally clean: other than a few shallow gas wells, there is no industrial development for a hundred miles in any direction. There’s a good supply of pure water: two artesian wells, the Battle Creek, a spring, and many surface dams and dugouts.

As you can see in the pictures, this is a real working ranch. A ranch that produces some of the best beef you’ll ever taste.

Bull's HeadThe Cattle

It takes years of work and research to develop a top quality cattle herd that has all the genetic qualities for premium beef.

For some 30 years, Lorne has been refining and improving his herd, carefully buying new stock to bring in desired genetics, continually selecting the best quality replacement heifers and aggressively culling those animals with less desirable characteristics.

The herd is predominantly Angus, both purebreds and crossed with other breeds for selected attributes. The result is a herd of very consistent, hardy cattle well-suited to Canadian prairie conditions, yielding beef with the excellent flavour and marbling characteristics preferred by knowledgeable beef lovers.